Saturday, 21 January 2017

Twilight zone

I saw this on a discussion board, with this accompanying awesome text:
President Donald Trump, a fabulously wealthy entrepreneur and real estate mogul, with an ego the size of the 68-story glittering tower he erected in Manhattan in honor of himself. A man with a bad orange comb over that unsuccessfully attempts to overshadow a permanent pout. This is the face of unrestrained privilege. Born with a 24-karat gold spoon in an oversized mouth that can't stop spewing out an endless barrage of insults, self-glorifying praise and enough unintelligible non sequitur to fill the Vatican Library. Donald Trump wants it all and now he has it all--the Oval Office in Washington DC complete with an army of Secret Servicemen ready to tend to his every need and a bevy of small buttons for doing everything from ordering a 3 am six-course Twitter snack, which he does quite often, to starting a nuclear war on a whim, which he may do all-too-soon. President Trump has it all, no doubt. Or, at least, that's what he thinks for President Trump is about to find out what he lacks aside from class, manners, tact and an attention span of longer than 2.4 seconds. Today, President Donald J. Trump will find himself, as they say, in over his jumbo-sized, orange head. Today, President Donald J. Trump and the great country he leads, indeed the entire planet, will learn that his lack of planning and policy is a one-way, irredeemable the Twilight zone.